Friday, June 18, 2010

Trying Windows Live Writer

I am “forced” to work on my windows laptop as I am working on a huge tender response that includes many technological systems, suppliers, integration and so on. I started working on the project using my MacBook with Open Office, but that created quite a mess as the rest of the companies and my client are using Windows and Microsoft Office. So, I had to go and get a laptop with Windows 7 on it. I went to the local computer store, and asked “here’s what I need, what do you have in stock?” – so I got a Dell Inspiron which I am absolutely OK with.
Now, this tender is a bit special in that the technological part of it is being reviewed by the government using a “flexible procedure” – meaning that this part is not given score, but the government can get back to us with more questions, requests for clarifications, etc. This means I am already working on the fourth iteration. Now, this time the committee inspecting our proposals warned us that “this is the last round” and that they will not issue any more – so we should really try to provide the best answers. The deadline is next Thursday… And, I am flying for a week to Italy….
So, I am working feverishly to try and prepare all the materials for my client, so they can take over preparing the response while I am away. But they still insist I take my laptop with me to Italy in case they will have some questions for me. I originally planned to be completely disconnected from the world while on vacation, but life sometimes makes other decisions for us…
Anyway, trying to make the situation have some positive side, I thought I will also use the laptop to write some blog posts from Tuscany…
As I don’t expect to have regular internet connection in the rural areas of Tuscany, I searched for some offline blogging tools, and I found out that I already have one installed – which is Windows Live Writer. So here I am giving it a try before I pack to see if this works for me…
Here's the area we will be in:

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Test post from iPad

OK, trying to write my first post using BlogPress on the iPad. First impression is that the iPad on-screen keyboard is quite usable. Well until you want an hyphen or other mark not on the main keyboard. But who cares of those little marks.... Being a (very) new blogger, I do not have much experience but clearly for blogging on the run this Is more than enough. You can always go back and make it prettier when you get back home or to an internet cafe. There is no fancy editor. Pretty much simple text, but there is an option to add pictures. So here is one...

I am even able to add some text below it as you can see..

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The pleasure of simple things

Sometimes preparing food, washing dishes, doing the laundry, folding, ironing and watering the garden can be real joy. Here's how I do it: I get a portable music device (I am using a mobile phone with mp3 player, but you can use iPod, mp3 player, etc. - no shortage of music sources), load it with some good music and let it shuffle play...
I call it chores-yoga and I really love it.
If your device has enough music on it, from all periods and genres, it can be a real pleasure to let it shuffle and get surprised with a song you forgot you even had in your collection.
I find myself completely isolated from the world, from the news, from any worries, concentrating on the task at hand, enjoying the music and getting work done...
Some people can listen to music while they work. As my work often needs my full attention, I find it too distracting often, but with the daily chores - it is just perfect!
As I write this post, my player just surprsied me now with the "I hear a Rhapsody" played by Bill Evans and Jim Hall from their Undercurrent CD - what a great piece! Can bring me to tears...

Here's a self portrait I made:

"Self Portrait as a cat" - 2010

You can get the Bill Evans and Jim Hall "Undercurrent CD" from Amazon: