Friday, June 18, 2010

Trying Windows Live Writer

I am “forced” to work on my windows laptop as I am working on a huge tender response that includes many technological systems, suppliers, integration and so on. I started working on the project using my MacBook with Open Office, but that created quite a mess as the rest of the companies and my client are using Windows and Microsoft Office. So, I had to go and get a laptop with Windows 7 on it. I went to the local computer store, and asked “here’s what I need, what do you have in stock?” – so I got a Dell Inspiron which I am absolutely OK with.
Now, this tender is a bit special in that the technological part of it is being reviewed by the government using a “flexible procedure” – meaning that this part is not given score, but the government can get back to us with more questions, requests for clarifications, etc. This means I am already working on the fourth iteration. Now, this time the committee inspecting our proposals warned us that “this is the last round” and that they will not issue any more – so we should really try to provide the best answers. The deadline is next Thursday… And, I am flying for a week to Italy….
So, I am working feverishly to try and prepare all the materials for my client, so they can take over preparing the response while I am away. But they still insist I take my laptop with me to Italy in case they will have some questions for me. I originally planned to be completely disconnected from the world while on vacation, but life sometimes makes other decisions for us…
Anyway, trying to make the situation have some positive side, I thought I will also use the laptop to write some blog posts from Tuscany…
As I don’t expect to have regular internet connection in the rural areas of Tuscany, I searched for some offline blogging tools, and I found out that I already have one installed – which is Windows Live Writer. So here I am giving it a try before I pack to see if this works for me…
Here's the area we will be in:

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