Saturday, December 4, 2010

File Names are Case Sensitive!

Urrrrrrgggggghhhh. Spent two days debugging an issue where my program works well on the simulator, but not on a device. I was debugging directory creations, file createions, file permissions in an attempt to find why a dwnloaded file could not be read. I am downloading a zip file from a server, and unzip it into a sub-directory of the Documents directory of my app.
I used PhoneDisk to look at the file system - all hierarchy is created and it seems the file I am trying to read is there too.
After two days of debugging and trying all kind of things, getting file not find errors, I finally realized that the file is named "File.ini" while I was trying to read "file.ini".
This works fine on the simulator, but not on the device where all file names are case sensitive.
I feel stupid, but at least fixed the bug....

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