Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pah! is on the app store - the joy of iOS programming...

It is so much fun to create apps for iOS devices. The first time you get your code to run, the first reaction from other people, but the most fun is publishing your product on the app store and watching how the world reacts...

We just published today the first truely voice-activated game for the iPhone - it is called Pah! and it is guaranteed to make you look silly, and laugh hard (or at least make the people around you laugh), and is there a more nobel cause than to make people laugh??

The game idea and design are by Eyal Shahar, and programming was done by Yosi Taguri and myself.
Eyal implemented the game few years ago using Flash, and left it alone for a while, but when he showed us the game we laughed so hard, we knew we must make it into an iPhone game. The first working version was done in few hours, and then it took another two months or so of late night work to make it happen...

The game went up 18 hours ago, and the responses are overwhelming. Here are some:

Check our site too:

I want to give credit here to the amazing Cocos2d framework that really is fun to work with...


  1. just bought it. your articles on the view controllers was worth the $.99 alone.


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